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A Voice in the Desert's Safe House
"You give
them home"

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When I told someone involved in prison ministry that I was going to open a transitional house, her response was sort of sarcarstic, "Oh, yes everyone wants to have one." I looked at her surprised as I realized she misunderstood my motives. I did not want "to have one" but I was following God's directives. Another person questioned if this was going to be my "livelihood". If anyone is doing this for money, the love in Christ is not in that person. (And how do you make money out of homeless, ex-prisoners?) This is a work of love and is much more about giving than receiving.


I remember HIS words so clearly on a Saturday morning on my devotional time, "You give them home". 

We have built a house to share with those female inmates coming out of prison with no place to go - whether this is  due to having lost their rental place while incarcerated or abandoned and rejected by their families and friends. Some just don't have any close living relative while others just decide not to go back to their own neighborhood.


Each individual situation is evaluated and prayed over though the main criteria continues to be homelessness. We have built a house with just this in mind: to share the love of Jesus Christ. In this house,  they'll be able to grow spiritually, heal emotionally, and live within a family-structured environment for awhile until they feel ready to move on their own.  This will be the oasis to come to after work where they can relax, study the Bible, go to church, meditate or just be. 


With the help of volunteers, we offer Bible studies, boundaries classes, crafts including sewing, cake decorating, jewelry making and kniting. We are always looking for volunteers to help with the job searching, transportation, resumes and outings. Please contact us if you want to help with any of these or have any special skill you want to teach.

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