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We are about serving those who are in prison and the children of these prisoners - which are usually forgotten by the system, the society, and the church. 

 But like John the Baptist with a fresh new message of a Savior, we are working to reach those out in the desert of life; those in prison fill with hopelessness and thirsty for God's love. At A Voice in the Desert, we are committed to serving God; therefore we take notice of Hebrews 13:3 "...remember those in prison as if you were their fellow prisoners..." 

We are about reconciliation of parents and children, siblings with siblings and all those who have been touched or affected by the inmate looking for reconciliation and forgiveness. We want to be the voice they hear in the middle of no-where, the voice that gives hope where there is no hope, the voice that tells them that there is life, that there is someone who cares. 

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"You give them home". 

 A voice that proclaims that Jesus will heal them, that He will calm their thirst, and that we are just a vessel He has put in their way if they will allow us to help. 
We Will Do This Through:
  • Teaching, Mentoring, counseling and providing shelter for those who come out of prison with no place to go. We also give a basket of toiletries and clothes for women going to halfway houses or shelters.

  • We give out Bibles and book whenever possible and also provide transportation to women going back to their families and want someone to accompany them.

  • We are training and providing mentors to Spanish speaking women as well as to the English speaking ones. 

  • We have also partnered with prison's personnel working with reentry and by God's grace, we are now having Bible studies on Thursday nights.


We currently have five regular volunteers and are praying for more to help at the transitional house. God is faithful and the victory is HIS.

What We Do?:

We are a faith-based, non-profit ministry in McKinney, TX. Our goal is to reach out to those in prison and their families and help not only while they are incarcerated but once they come out assist in whatever way we can with their transition back to society.

      Our main scope is to lead women offenders (prisoners) to Christ and guide them through their spiritual growing inorder to help them return to the community.  We believe transition services start while they are still incarcerated by educating them and given them the tools to face up to their responsibilities as good, abiding citizens, as mothers and within their families.  By planting strong Christian principles, we hope to help them avoid getting back to the bad habits and/or conduct that brought them to prison in the first place.

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